Techshop Tegel

The Urban Tech Republic: "Tegel Airport will soon be closed. The fascination remains: a research and industrial park arises – for the city of the future. Founders, students, investors, industrialists and scientists jointly develop the cities of tomorrow. In Berlin TXL urban technologies are designed, produced and exported. And they will be used not only here, but in all cities around the globe." (

Within such an environment, Techshop Tegel, a digital manufactory, will contribute a fundamental part in future production processes. The proposed functions include traditional workshops (woodshop, metal-working, etc.), advanced digital production facilities (3D print, CNC, etc.) and VR production technology (cave, etc.). In combination with offices and spaces for informal communication, Techshop Tegel will be a lively community dedicated to turning ideas into physical reality.

The original 1970s appearance of the existing complex will be preserved to give a historical identity to the new neighborhood. The architectural concept aims to open up the now impermeable building mass (three modular composed linear blocks), in order to generate a public passage into the new neighborhood and interconnect the three separate buildings. Building sections that are removed from the site, could be then used as "satellites" (urban tech embassy) that travel throughout the city of Berlin and act as a beacon, informing the public about the activities within the Urban Tech Republic.
Client: Land Berlin, represented by Tegel Projekt GmbH
Year: 2013
Location: Berlin, Germany
Program: offices, workshop facilities
Status: invited competition, 2nd prize
Design Team: with Sven Höhne