Project Nomad

“Over the next 10 years autonomous vehicle (AV) technology will move the cost of mobility towards zero and allow us to rethink fundamental parts of our lives. We can apply these advancements in mobility to housing, solving for our desire for freedom of movement and exploration, while satisfying our core human need for familiarity, shelter, and comfort. Saving time, doing more, and  increasing the enjoyment of life with an autonomous tiny home that has on-demand access to amazing locations in cities and weekend getaways across the country.” Colin O'Donnell, Sr Advisor at Intersection

Initial design studies for self-driving tiny homes, based on three concepts:
a) Service and Modularity
b) Collaboration and Adaptability
c) Individualization and Mass Customization
Type: Design Study
Year: 2018
Collaborator: Colin O'Donnell, Sr Advisor at Intersection
Team: Mathias Lauer, Sergey Prokofyev, Merve Sahin, Max Schwitalla