Ornitologia Paulistana

Sao Paulo has one of the biggest fleets of privately used helicopters worldwide. Over 60% of Brazil´s richest families reside here, which explains why hundreds of helicopters regulary populate the skies. “Paulistas” spend nearly 3 hours per day in ca. 200 kilometers of traffic jams throughout the city. Furthermore, road users are always un­der the threat of robbery, highjacking and even murder. Social inequality is represented in the urban infrastructure: the upper class circulates from roof to roof barely touching the ground, above a grounded, motorized middle class.

The pictures were taken under “hunting like” conditions and capture the elegant and rapid means of transportation in the urban con­text. According to scientific ornithological procedures, all species have been identified and recorded according to time and location of sighting. Images that were found in the Internet show crime scenes and street traffic conditions documenting the reality on ground.
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2011
Installation: photos from ornithological study, map of Sao Paulo, all 60 x 40 cm, crime scenes from the Internet