Hyperpolis – City Terminal

The Detached Terminal – There is no imperative reason why the passenger operations of the landside concourse need to be located right next to the airside concourse. By dissecting and reassembling the anatomy of the airport, we want to redefine its socio-spatial role within the context of the urban system. Contrary to current trends, we do not plan to take the city to the airport, but the airport to the city. Open to the public, the airport becomes a constitutive element of the global city.

An extra-territorial habitat for hyperpolitan life – What if the airport terminal was blown up to such an extent that you could imagine living and working there? A free-trade zone detached from national economies, an extra-territorial network of spaces interconnected by airways, the home for hyperpolitan life. Interconnected terminals in the various cities become a continuous envelope of international space.
Institution: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
Year: 2006
Location: London, UK
Program: airport, additional functions
Status: proposal
Design Team: with Martin Henn