Himmelsallee Düsseldorf

New sound barrier walls will have to be installed in the center of Düsseldorf so that the Rhine-Ruhr Express can run with more commuters trains in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. 
The project Himmelsallee is an integrative approach that proposes an interplay of art, ecology and urban mobility. The greened sound barrier has a positive influence on the microclimate by cooling the surroundings. Next to the wall a new bicycle path can be realized. It adds a new main link to the active mobility infrastructure and enables an intermodal mobility chain on the first and last mile in connection with the Rhine-Ruhr Express. 
The Himmelsallee crosses the railway tracks at the S-Bahn stations and connects these with the urban context. These junctions are accentuated by artistic interventions: the elevated ‘future trees’ represent the urban flora of tomorrow. ‘Future trees’ are alien tree species that will also grow in Düsseldorf due to global warming and which the city of Düsseldorf officially welcomes in harmony with the native species. The trees of the future expand the view and the urban horizon into the sky and create a new identity for the art capital Düsseldorf.
Location: Düsseldorf
Type: Interdisciplinary Competition (invited)
Client: Stadt Düsseldorf
Year: 2023
Team: Julius von Bismarck (art), Violeta Burckhardt (landscape), ARUP (structure), Studio Schwitalla (architecture)