Designed in 2040 as a solar power plant and global transportation system for goods to be carried westwards, Geopolis is installed solar-synchronous in high altitude within the stratosphere. Solar power plants, located along the outer rim of the structure, are 24 hours exposed to the sun and never covered by clouds. The power plants produce sufficient energy to supply the whole planet. Geopolis hovers in a steady position while planet earth circulates underneath eastwards in equatorial areas with the speed of 1.674 km/h. Every possible spot on earth can be reached within 24 hours. Geopolis is connected to planet earth by magnetic forces: complementary to the magnetic poles of the planet, the two wings are magnetically loaded and keep Geopolis in position.

Soon a collective of emigrants started to occupy Geopolis - a steady habitat that is constantly on the move. Its stateless inhabitants levitate in a limbo state between local place and global interaction. By the year of 2050, 75% of the world’s population will be bottled-up in metropolitan areas on the surface. As Geopolis is the last resort, its population grows - the Great Migration begins…
Location: stratosphere
Year: 2040
Type: Concept