Airplane Aquarell

Aviation contributes significantly to anthropogenic climate change by emissions of greenhouse gases, particles and nitrogen oxides as well as by changes of high cirrus cloudiness (CIC). The current climate is more strongly warmed by CIC than by all the carbon dioxide emitted by aircraft that accumulated in the atmosphere since the beginning of aviation up to the year 2005. (

Airplane Aquarell # 2, Fine Art Print, Alu-Dibond, 80 x 120 cm
Type: Photography
Year: 2011
Position: 52° 20’ 34,74” N, 13° 53’ 7,17” O
Timeframe: 31.01.12, 12:30-16:07 (UTC +1), release every 10 Sec. on tripod
In chronological order: BA118, TK1662, BY159, EI363, CZ348, LH711, WZZ801, SU575, LO282, BA847, NZ39, LH741, DY4202, KL138, LH2461, AF2244, DY4502, XQ862, DY4322, SQ308, W61371, LH893, CX288, LH849, BA850, DY4356, LH721, CX3201, MH4, BA256